Twenty (Android)

Even if you go to the gym every day and eat healthy, sitting at your desk all day is bad for you. It is recommended that you stand every 20 minutes to increase blood flow and fight the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Twenty is a simple tool to remind you to stand up every twenty minutes while you are at your desk. Simply activate the timer and go about your business. You will receive friendly reminders every twenty minutes until you deactivate the alarm. Twenty uses Android's built-in alarm mechanics to ensure that it will not impact your phone's performance or battery life.

General Conference Bingo (Android)

Similar to seminar bingo or many other time wasters, General Conference Bingo is a bingo game designed to help Latter-day Saints (Mormons) focus durring the church's semi-anual, church-wide conference broadcast. Users are presented with a bingo card with the names of Bible and Book of Mormon characters, gosple terms, and the names of prominent church leaders. When the speaker says something on your card, mark it off! This is especially useful for young children who need a little extra help listening. Have fun!

Schnozer: Pushup Trainer (iPhone and iPad)

Ever wish you could do more pushups? Wish you could to 1,000,000 pushups? Well that probably isn't going to happen, but you can certainly get stronger by using Schnozer. Schnozer is a great way to keep track of your daily pushups routine. Simply lay your phone/tablet on the floor, position yourself above it, and start doing pushups. Each time you go down, tap your nose on the screen and Schnozer will keep count for you. This may not sound like much, but most people cheat more than they realize while doing pushups. Schnozer makes sure that you go all the way down to the floor, helping you get a better workout and progress more quickly. Save your activity and Schnozer will show you a history of your pushups, and will even graph your progress. Better health could be on the tip of your nose!